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Fire Fighter Training: What Is The Sacrifice?

Civilians understand, somewhat, that fire fighting training is not easy and takes extreme determination and perseverance; but there are a few nitty-gritty details, about the real sacrifice that they will never understand. For many ordinary people, the first thig that comes to mind when they think of a firefighter or a firefighter in training is a big red fire truck, … Read more


Fire Fighter Training: How Important IS Teamwork?

Running headfirst into a burning building carrying a hose of rushing water, battling through layers of smoke to find a victim, and then carrying them out to medical services, is definitely not a one-man job. If you embark on fire fighting training at Emcare, a leading training academy offering a variety of qualifications, you will undergo extensive … Read more


Fire Fighter Training: What Type of Person Succeeds?

10 important traits you need to succeed at fire fighting training and beyond     Fire fighting demands self-sacrifice, dedication and above all the desire to do some good in the world. It is a tough business, and in many senses, fire fighters need to possess a plethora of skills and characteristics if they wish to succeed in this highly demanding career path. But how … Read more