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We understand your needs at Fire Fit, we know you want to become a firefighter but the problem is that you are not sure which course will give you the advanced skills that you need to thrive in high-pressure fire environments. We’ve created the Fire Fighter 1 course to give you strong foundations granting you confidence in any emergency situation. Choose an option below:

After completing Fire Fighter 1, you will have the foundations in place, but to become advanced, you will need to push yourself further in the quest to become the ultimate firefighter! Fire Fighter 2 will provide advanced skills that will take you to the next level of firefighter. We provide Operational Hazmat training as part of this advanced package. Choose an option below:

Firefighter Training Video Testimonial:

Firefighter feedback

I had always dreamt of becoming a firefighter but the problem was I didn’t know which course to choose. After completing Fire Fit’s course I’ve become what I dreamed of, a capable firefighter that is ready for anything!

– Bongani, Polokwane


I was worried that I wouldn’t have the necessary skills to handle dangerous fires, but after completing Fire Fit’s courses, I have the confidence that I will effectively take control of any situation with my team.

– Brenda, Polokwane


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